Poems To Get A Girl

by Jessie

poems to get a girl Poems To Get A Girl

Poems To Get A Girl

Poetry is a form of art that is greatly undervalued. Despite existing for a very long time, its charm and power appears to be long forgotten. Poems and the poets who made them are struggling to keep the long running tradition, perhaps more than ever. Poetry can also become a mighty force to reckon with when it comes to picking up women. There are many ways to get a girl, but the most ideal is to write poems to get a girl. Let me give you an example in which I was personally involved in such feat. Jumping back a few years ago, I was in this little Argentinean countryside town. I was spending the weekend with a couple of my friends, and enjoying the taste of beer and the sight of amazing women. Everything was alright until the time stop when Mariel came. You can easily guess how beautiful she was, for she was the queen of the town and also of the festival. I really wanted to get the girl so I started to think of all the ways so that I could pick her up.

I decided that in order for me to have unique approach of getting her, I started to search for poems to get a girl. I started to search for Neruda poetry and even though I’m not a gifted poet myself I decided to borrow a few lines from the genius and adapt them so that I can get my queen. The next day, I wrote a few drafts and when I saw her I started to get some inspiration and work enough to give it the final touches. No one believed me that I could do it, but I was convinced that I had gold in my hands. Once my work of art was finish, I went on to search for my trophy. I was going to get that woman and I was sure of it. As it may seem, getting these girl was really hard but luck was on my side and I was able to find and get her to listen to my poetry. Soon the buzz started to surround me and all of my friends were all speechless and then came my queen named Mariel. I looked into her eyes, smiled and everyone in the crowd started to listen as I read my poem. It was mixture of different emotions. It was good, funny, and even a bit cocky. She looked happy in the end and I was certain that she had a lot of fun while I was reading it to her. After I finished reading the crowd clapped altogether in amazement. That is how I got the biggest prize of all. A humble guy from the crowd who stood out and got the queen that I have always dreamed of.

This scenario is just an example of how to use poems to get a girl, in order for you to see how far could anyone go with a poem and with a bit of charm. By no means, a poem will get you a girl by itself, but it can act as a platform for you to impress. It is one way of showing you that there are other possible unique and less used ways to impress and get a girl at the same time. But, before you do that you need to make sure to couple it with a great presentation and you can be assured of getting the prize. Still, poems are not something that you can easily use all the time to pick up girls. You could do it if you want to, but it’s better to keep them for a spontaneous and unexpected moment. Finally, always remember to arm yourself with absolute confidence so that you will not look like a creep of a weirdo. Speak loud and speak directly from your heart, and the girl will never forget you.

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